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Got Duff?
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Welcome to no1_rosedgunner, a Duff McKagan fan community. I'm valhallaskye, your moderator. This is an open community, everyone is welcome to join, but before you get clicker-happy, read the rules. Always with the rules:

1. Don't be a tool. ie: don't come in here and say stupid shit just to piss people off. It's immature, dumb, and the fastest way to piss me off. Not something you want to do.
2. Don't be a hater. ie: don't hate other members of the community for the musicians and/or bands we like. Don't hate on Duff's wife. ie: don't come in here and say how much you hate her and are planning to kill her. That's seriously uncool and very creepy. DON'T FLAME PEOPLE. I WILL HURT YOU.
3. Loveth the LJ Cut. If you're going to post a long article, lots of pics, icons, blahblah, use the LJ cut. Some of us have dial-up. Dunno how? Ask :)
4. Promote. Tell your friends! Use and post the banner above, or use the one on my User Info. People also post them in the community. Take advantage. Spread the love.

Feel free to talk about Guns n' Roses (when Duff was IN the band please), VR, or anything else involving him.

Have fun. That's not a request; it's a command. >:)

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