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A Duff poem...

This is a poem I wrote about Duff McKagan. It is a concrete poem...therefore it would usually be in the shape of a bass guitar. I wanted to make a scrapbook page with this poem on it forisabelle_guns Duff Birthday scrapbook..but there isn't enough time to make a page. And then send it to her. :(
Anywayz...here's the poem...
DISCLAIMER: Axl Rose fans DO NOT read this poem. I DO NOT intend to offend anyone, just amuse other Duff fans. Please don't kick my ass. Thank you.

Duff McKagan
Duff McKagan of Guns N' Roses,
Is so hot in many poses,
His talent and looks are beyond compare,
I can't help but steadily stare.

In the band he plays the bass,
But I'm too busy looking at his face,
His hair is blonde, long, and flowing,
Everytime I see him I swear I'm glowing.

Too bad Guns N' Roses broke up,
But Axl Rose did make me want to throw up,
Luckily Duff is a great problem solver,
Now he plays bass in Velvet Revolver!
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